Wednesday, November 5, 2014

We welcome new friends

We are so excited to invite you to get to know us. We are newly formed Pony Express Pet Partners. Our motto and mission statement include the following: The Pony Express Pet Partners brings the benefits of therapeutic visits with registered pet partners and ambassadors focusing on the Northwest Region of Missouri, better known as the Pony Express Region. The theme and mission of members of the Pony Express Pet Partners group is to carry the message of health and healing via the interactions with registered pet partners to those in hospitals, assisted living facilities, veterans homes, courthouses, schools, libraries, universities, correctional facilities and domestic violence shelters. The focal point is to bring enrichment to the lives of those receiving a visit with “pets and prose.” Programs have been developed in the Pony Express Region along the Highway 36 corridor, the original path of the riders of the Pony Express in remembrance of the first written word traveling to folks via horseback. Pet partner teams include cats, dogs, horses, and welcome any approved species. We are looking for folks who love companion animals and would like to learn how to visit folks in hospitals, assisted living center, schools and libraries. The opportunities are unlimited. Even if you don't have a pet, we welcome you to join us.